E paper Electronic Shelf Label

Electronic paper products are efficient, fast, and environmentally friendly.

The backend management system provided by our company supports user-defined design templates, and multiple price tag devices can be mapped at once through a 2.4G gateway device. During promotional and VIP events, the price tag screen will automatically revert to the default template at the end of the event time.

Guidance of WEMS

Smart E-Paper Display System

Electronic paper combines wireless transmission technology with backend system solutions, connected to enterprise databases, to receive real-time information related to the enterprise, ensuring timely and accurate updates, making the operation of the enterprise more complete and efficient.
Electronic paper display features ultra-low power consumption, button cell, construction free wiring, and no backlight.

Guidance of WEDS

Positioning of crates Virtual Device

Simulates communication data between 2.4G gateway devices and positioning devices, supports gateway login, equipment inventory, equipment cast map, coordinate reporting and other functions.

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