E paper BLE Conference Table Card

System Architecture

Through the BTCMS back-office management system, you can manage meeting rooms, attendee information, schedule meetings, etc., edit the table display content and send it to the meeting room board devices via the Bluetooth gateway。

Product Parameter

E paper BLE Conference Table Card consists of three parts: meeting room board, BLE gateway and BTCMS management system. A Bluetooth gateway connects multiple meeting boards to realize one-to-many management

It can display with both sides, you can display the same screen synchronously, or display different information separately to meet various meeting and display needs. It can be used as a conference table card, a sign, and an information card

Conference Table Card

Product parameters
Screen type E-ink screen
Display color black and white red
Number of displays Dual-sided screen display
Size 7.5 inches
Display size 163.24X97.94(mm)
Equipment size 184X135(mm)
Resolution 800(V)*480(H)
DPI 124
Working temperature 0-40℃
Transmission technology Bluetooth
Power supply mode 2450battery pack
Battery 2400mA
Material ABS, aluminum alloy
Refresh time about 10 seconds
Standby time 1000 days

BLE gateway

BLE gateway is the center of information data transmission. The data is sent to the conference table card devices through the BLE gateway

BTCMS background management system

BTCMS background management system provides users with standard conference templates, supports self-drawn templates, and also provides template drawing tools to customize permanent templates.

  • Batch import forms to manage attendee information in one click
  • Batch management of meeting room information
  • Batch map casting for worry-free meetings
  • Dedicated Bluetooth gateway transmission for information security

Advantages of BLE Conference Table Card

Application Scenarios

Academy meetings

Official meetings

Business meetings