WiFi Helper for Easy WiFi Sharing for Guests

In the era of “ask for WiFi first”, many businesses have a headache to provide WiFi to their customers, but if the password is complicated, customers will complain; if the password is simple, it will be easily cracked and rubbed, and the security of their own network cannot be guaranteed. If the user is required to download applications to access the Internet, the cumbersome service process will make the customer’s impression of the service greatly reduced, resulting in customer loss.

Based on this problem, Witstec has developed WiFi Helper – a solution designed to help businesses provide seamless and secure access to WiFi for their customers. Simply use your cell phone to touch or phone camera to scan the QR code to connect to WiFi

High security

WiFi Helper does not expose the password-related content, so you can connect to WiFi without telling the password, avoiding dabbling and reducing the security risks for businesses when sharing WiFi.

Easy and fast

Provide a convenient way to connect, users do not need to install an app, just use the phone NFC touch and camera sweep to quickly connect, greatly reducing the tedious process of users entering passwords

No power design

Adopting e-paper display screen, when delivered to end users for use, no power supply is required, the screen QR code can be replaced at will, and the resulting QR code can be clearly displayed and retained for a long time, avoiding the drawbacks of traditional paper which is easily broken, blurred and high maintenance.

Green recycling

When merchants need to modify WiFi name or information, they can update it without disassembling, and the USB data cable can be used to update the computer or cell phone by connecting it to the computer or rechargeable battery

Reduce Cost

WiFi Helper can help merchants reduce the workload of telling WiFi passwords to customers, saving staff time and effort. If you need to change WiFi name or information, you can update it without disassembling it, and you can update it with your computer or cell phone by connecting the USB data cable to your computer or rechargeable battery, without repeated printing and posting, which solves the money and time cost of using traditional paper or staff to inform

Multi-scene application

WiFi Helper is versatile for different businesses, whether it is a library, cafe, club, hotel, B&B, or any other business or enterprise that provides WiFi to customers, WiFi Assistant can meet the unique and personalized needs to help enhance the WiFi experience of customers.