E paper Wi-Fi Conference Table Card

System Architecture

The Wi-Fi conference table card devices are connected to the same network as the mobile app and WTCMS management system (computer side),  the mobile app matches the router, set the information of the participants, the meeting information, and release the meeting agenda to the WiFi meeting room board devices through the WTCMS management system, the intelligent table arrangement system

Product Parameter

E paper Wi-Fi conference table card is composed of : Wi-Fi conference table card, mobile phone router configuration app and WTCMS management system.Our Wi-Fi conference table card is suitable for various types of routers, and there is no need to purchase another gateway

The Wi-Fi conference table card device has one card and two screens, which are displayed on both sides. It can be used as a meeting table card, a sign, and an information card

Product Parameters
Screen type E-ink screen
Display color black and white red
Number of displays Dual-sided screen display
Size 7.5 inches
Display size 163.24X97.92(mm)
Equipment size 184X135(mm)
Resolution 800(V)*480(H)
DPI 124
Working temperature 0-40℃
Transmission technology WiFi
Power supply mode rechargeable battery
Battery 3000mA
Material ABS, aluminum alloy
Refresh time 25 seconds
Standby time 2 days

WTCMS Management System

WTCMS management system for batch management of meetings, with intelligent table scheduling system in addition to support for template functions

  • Intelligent card table arrangement system with graphical interface display, easy to understand image
  • Drag and drop design, print support, full functionality
  • Import to edit, export to save, batch management, convenient, fast and efficient
  • Meeting timer to avoid interruption of the agenda

Router configuration APP

Router configuration APP on the mobile phone, is used to pair with the conference table cards, suitable for various types of routers.Keep your mobile phone,
conference table cards, and computer connected to the same WiFi, and you can quickly pair successfully.

Advantages of Wi-Fi Conference Table Card

Application Scenarios

Business meetings

Large-scale meeting

Classes & Lectures