E paper Electronic Shelf Label

System Architecture

Through the server and the merchant’s original ERP system docking, the product information is connected to the backend system,edit the management information in the computer back office or mobile phone back office and transmit the information that needs to be updated to the ESL devices in each shop through the gateway

E paper Electronic Shelf Label, consists of four parts: electronic shelf label, 2.4G gateway, PC backend management system and cell phone backend management system

Product Parameters

Screen type e-ink screen
Display color black and white red
Product appearance can be customized
Size 2.9inches
Display size 66.75X29.45(mm)
Device size 90.75X44.05(mm)
Resolution 296(H)×128(V)
DPI 112
Working temperature 0-40℃
Transmission technology 2.4G
Battery 1200mA
Material ABS
Refresh time 15S
Gateway Parameters
Product name 2.4G gateway for E paper Electronic Shelf Label
Power supply DC power adapter/POE
Working power supply DC5V
Working current 650mA
Wired network rate 10/100M
Wireless working frequency 2400MHz
Wireless transmitting power 10dBm
Wireless receiving sensitivity -96dBm
RF control radius Indoor approx. 20m, unobstructed approx. 30m
Maximum number of control devices 2500pcs
Working temperature -10℃-50℃
Working humidity 0-95%RH,non-condensing
Product size (L*W*H) 190*190*40mm
Indicator lights Data up indicator, Data down indicator, Power indicator

PC-side Backend System

The PC-side backend system is used for batch adding commodity information, setting and binding device display template, editing and updating commodity information sent to the ESL devices

the cell phone backend system is used for binding commodity information and devices, refreshing the display information of the ESL devices. Support to modify the edited commodity information, in the PC and cell phone terminal system synchronous update

Strengths of ESL

Application Scenarios