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    One stop solution
    for Smart Home
    Witstec specializing in the development of the Internet of Things and Security products ,
    based on Zigbee , WIFI , BLE three technologies developed by their own hardware modules
    and smart products .
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    Standard APP
    The standard app provided by Witstec allows users to quickly access
    and control smart devices remotely
    Support for IOS and Android platform
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    Zigbee Smart Home Kit
    Included Zigbee 3.0 Gateway WT-WZ0101 , Door window sensor WT-Z0201 , Smart plug WT -Z0301 ,
    Motion sensor ( PITR ) WT - Z0501 and so on .
Witstec provides a one-stop solution for your smart home .

Provide IoT developers with smart device self-development tools and background system technical support services to realize remote control management, data storage analysis, third-party data integration, hardware socialization and other technical services , quickly realize product Internet and make hardware development more Fast and creative.

Internet of Things Industry Solutions

From the consumer to the industrial Internet of Things, meet your needs

    Smart home appliance solution

    One-stop + online + offline cost-effective solution for interoperability of the same brand + cross-brand products

    Smart home solutions

    In the background of home decoration and home automation , complete the overall wiring of the home, product intelligence

    Security system solution

    Provide integrated solutions for intelligent transmission terminals, cloud platform and application software.

    Smart medical

    Smart hospital system, regional health system, family health system

Standardized product plan

There is no need to find a multi-party company , such as module manufacturer or outsourcing team . we offer standard plan access intelligence. Manufacturers only need to focus on the areas they are good at, maximize hardware quality, make products more competitive, and give users a better experience.

Our products

Fully standardized APP/cloud service/networking module, complete docking in 24 hours, put into trial production in 1 month, quickly seize market opportunities

Smart device

Based on Witstec 's networking module and standard serial communication protocol, developers can apply it to products and connect directly to Switstec 's cloud services.

Cloud platform

Witstec Cloud Service Platform provides comprehensive management abilities, business intelligence and analytics services for managing massive networking products.

Third party voice

The project manager offers the service one-to-one, provides technical guidance throughout the entire process, supports the enterprise to customize the personalized service plan, and quickly helps the enterprise to complete the intelligent upgrade.


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