Commodity management

1、Add:Users can add items via the web side or the mobile side;

Operation: Product Information – Add – Enter product information (with * is required) – Click to confirm – After creating a good return to the product information to select the created product information – Click Device Binding – Select the virtual device model to bind to the product – Click Edit – Enter the product information interface drop down to select instant refresh / refresh promotion / refresh VIP, refresh promotion or vip template need to set the time to Refresh

(Note: Timed refresh and set time to refresh the virtual device is not supported at the moment, only support existing devices to use, if you want to experience please purchase the device to operate)

2、Edit:Enter the product information – select the created product – click edit – enter the product information interface – after editing – scroll down and click confirm

Note: The device must be bound to the template or set the default template before casting the picture

History Guidance
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pay attention to:Before device mapping, a template must be bound or set as the default