C Series

Electronic name tags/business cards;Electronic Student ID Card;

Electronic Staff Card;Electronic Exhibitor Certificate


E Series


G Series


MA Series


MG Series


P Series


PR Series

PR series hospital bed card, used for hospital bed, display patient information. Instead of traditional paper bed card, it is convenient for medical staff to update patient information instantly. Compared with traditional paper bed card, PR series bed card is more durable and not easy to wear. Paper-like display screen, classic black, white, red three colors, the picture presents hd soft, non-reflective, 180° visibility, low power consumption, no radiation, can still be displayed when power is off. Provide personalized template design and a variety of template options, fast update, persistent display, save paper costs, environmental protection, low energy consumption, support online firmware upgrade.


Q Series


What we do?

Witstec, global advanced ESL and EPD solution provider.
Founded in 2015, headquaters is located in Shenzhen,we have our own engineer team and factory. We can provide one stop service, including hardware design, firmware development, APP development and cloud management service. Mainly serving traditional retail, new retail, catering, medical health, culture and entertaimment.
If you have any project about ESL or EPD, feel free to contact us, we will work out a proposal for you.
We hope to provide high quality product and an affordable price, let us work together and reach a win-win sitaution in the global market.

What is electronic paper?

Electronic paper is an unique display screen, ultra-low power and paper- like readabililty under all lighting condition light, it still can display without battery.

What is the communication protocol?

Bluetooth or 2.4 G wireless technology.

Work principle?

Electronic ink system is made up of millions of tiny microcapsules, each microcapsule contains negatively charged white particles and positively charged black particles suspended in a clear fluid. When a positve or negative electric field is applied, corresponding particles move to the top of the microcapsule where they become visible to the viewer.

Low power consumption, enviromental.

E-Paper don't need backlight, it can saves 60% power.
The power consumption is lower than LCD screen, the battery can last longer.

178° wide viewing angles, no reflection

It is paper liked, it it visible in the sunlight, no reflection.

It won't disappear after power off.

Even though you take out the battery, the device will keep the last image.


All series of products have corresponding software.
User can easily update the screen through software.
The software has template tool, user can design their own template.


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